Blogger life

Writing this blog has opened me up to a whole world I never even knew existed.  Through Workerbee Free I have met, spoken to and interacted with people I really never would have come into contact with otherwise.  Many are former lawyers who, seeing a kindred spirit, reach out to exchange stories of escapes-routes, new ventures and what comes next.  One is training to be an opera singer, another is starting an online platform, another a photography gallery.  I may not have my path figured out but it’s pretty awesome knowing there are people out there with similar backgrounds to me doing such amazing things.

I’m finding that one of the unexpected treats of writing a blog is when the online ends up spreading offline.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called  “I am not a company“, in which I mentioned the amazing startup Crowdwish – a website making people’s wishes come true, every single day.


I ended up meeting up with the founder, Bill Griffin, at their office and we talked about careers, life in general and the inevitable decline of London as a livable City.  Bill gave me a copy of The Checklist by Atul Gawande, to fulfill one member’s wish to become more organised and get more done in the day.   Bill also gave me a pack of pens, to fulfill my wish to have more pens.  I now know another cool person in London, thanks to this blog.

Going in the other direction, an offline coffee with Gosbert Chagula at Backr, who I actually met when he was manning a stall in the canteen at my old law firm where he was trying to recruit mentors, led to my post on Seeing Your Career as a Startup being featured in the Backr newsletter last week.  I could never have planned for that to happen; it’s just one of those serendipitous things.

Backr Newsletter

WBF in the Backr Newsletter

Writing Workerbee Free also leads to other moments of sweet surprise.  Like this astonishing map showing the location of all the readers who have clicked on my blog since it began.

WBF Reader map

WBF reader map: Good Morning, Vietnam

If you are one of several readers hailing from Angola, Cuba, Nepal, Fiji, Moldova, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, or Vietnam, or indeed any of the other far flung countries highlighted on this map — welcome!  And thank you for reading!  [And if you’re from closer to home, hi to you too!]  The Alpha in me can’t help but strategise how to get the rest of the map filled in.  I won’t hold out hope for China but I feel like Greenland would be a big win.

The same stats summary that tells me where my readers are from also tells me how people get to Workerbee Free, i.e. whether it’s from Twitter or Facebook or by search engine.  From this I have learned that some people are getting to my blog by searching “how to change life to perfect”.  If you are one of those people, you have my sympathies.  I too am hot on the trail of this holy grail.  I hope you weren’t too disappointed when you got here and found my site woefully lacking in answers.

Google Search Results

Workerbee Free: the path to a perfect life (apparently)

I wasn’t sure when I started out whether I’d be able to keep this blogging thing up, but I have and I only wish I had come to it sooner.  I can’t wait to see what further surprises Workerbee Free has in store for me.