This is awkward


It’s me. It’s been almost 2 years. It’s been so long you probably have no idea who I am or why you signed up to this blog.  I kept meaning to write but the more time that passed the harder it got.

Quick refresh: I was a dissatisfied corporate lawyer embarking on a career change and writing about it. I had a baby and dropped off the face of the blogosphere. Now I’m starting a company (yay!) aimed at helping people discover their perfect job though real life career videos. I’ve built it myself with no tech or design background. Take a look here.

After several years of talking to people and struggling with this myself I have come to the conclusion that our whole system of careers guidance is failing us.  I’m on a mission to fix it.  I don’t think anyone should be stuck for ideas for how to spend their life!

If you’re interested in watching me attempt to build a product that I really think will change the world (naivety alert!) then you can follow along here. I’ll be posting as I go and as with this blog it will be a real life, honest look at career change and startups.  It’s going to be messy.  Following your dream is necessary and important but not always easy.

I’ll be featuring some cool people and their cool jobs on the site over the next few months. If you’d be interested in sharing your career story and possibly changing someone’s life then fill in this form and I’ll set you up with a profile myself.

If you want to read more of my writing, I’ll be blogging and sharing on Medium.  I want to focus on the new website so can’t give this blog the attention it needs (as if my 2 years’ absence isn’t evidence enough of that!).

This blog was an amazing creative outlet at a time when I really needed a place to put my ideas. Honestly, it makes me cringe to read it back now but that doesn’t make the stuff I wrote any less true. In in a weird way I think I made something beautiful but also a bit ugly at the same time.

Thank you so much for being part of that time of my life. I hope the past two years have been kind to you and if they haven’t then I urge you stay strong because things can and do get better.

On we go.



Seeing Your Career as a Startup

This post originally appeared on the Escape the City Blog.  

In November 2013, I quit my job at a Magic Circle law firm and walked away from my life as a lawyer. This was after dedicating 8 years to my legal career, including 3 law degrees (GDL, LPC, and a very expensive Masters in the US); 6 jobs at 3 law firms, 2 regulators and 1 international organisation; 6 published papers; and countless late nights staring at a computer screen and eating meals at my desk.

It wasn’t easy to turn my back on all that experience and all that hard work, but ultimately I realised it was crazy to feel tied to a decision I had made back in the second year of university. Far from cementing my fate, every year that passed just made it all the more urgent that I reassess the path I had set for myself.

You wouldn’t let a 20-year old tell you what to do, but that is what I was effectively doing by sticking to the “plan” that I had concocted 10 years ago, when I was an indecisive (and short-sighted) undergraduate. Thanks a lot, past self.

I don’t think it’s coincidental that my decision to leave law developed at the same time as my interest in the startup scene grew. I started to think about how I could apply startup principles to my own life. Continue reading