Friday Fess-up: 25th April

Wowsers trousers, another Friday!  There seems to be one every week, most bizarre…

Now in answer to your urgent and pleading emails, yes I do have some actual substantive posts in the pipeline and no WBF is not going to become just a series of Fess-ups (I haven’t actually received any such emails but only because you guys are too frantic to ask).

This last two weeks has been…well..tough.  Perhaps it’s because it marked 6 months since I left my job (gulp!) and I started to wonder what exactly I had to show for it.  This somehow catalysed the latent introspection that has been simmering just beneath the surface for the last few months and sent it into overdrive.  Suddenly I was deep into some really pretty confronting reflection about my life and myself and all this stuff I was too busy to think about for, well, the last 8 years.  Yes — it is as self-absorbed and indulgent (and unpleasant) as it sounds.

It’s been really difficult to put into words what has come out of this deep thinking — as Dan has discovered, having to patiently sit through a meaningless stream of nonsense and non-sequiturs — but I’m going to try to document it over the next few weeks.  The short story is: I think I’ve finally come out the other side, and think I’m ready to put my life back together again.  Phew.

In the meantime, here is the weekly set of diversions to amuse you this Friday.

Catch you next week.


This week I have been mostly… vying for the affection of the cutest puppy in the world; lounging around in Scotland; canoeing; blogging about beautiful, frivolous things at Kitchen+Craft; and, of course, eating lots of chocolate.

Workerbee Free Friday Fess-up: 25th April

This week I have been mostly reading…

The newspaper blackout poetry of Austin Kleon and this post: Newspaper + Marker = Poetry.  Thanks to Izzie for sharing Austin’s work with me!

Austin Kleon, "What is Marriage?"

Austin Kleon, “What is Marriage?”

Why our brains don’t need to-do lists.

Living with your parents, single and with no clear career. Is this a failure to grow up or a whole new stage of life?

Discovering ShouldWea new online guide to the causes and consequences of the policies which affect our lives.


Learning about the truth behind freelancing: 8 years of solitude.

8 years of solitude

Discovering the three word location identifier for all the places I have ever lived at what3words.


And I have finally found someone who is talking my language.  Latest Publishing Trend: Books That Teach Women To Be Overconfident Blowhards, Just Like Men.  Thanks to Ash Casselman for sharing this on Ada’s List.


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