Thursday Fess-up…

Thursday Fess-up — it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?  I’m off to Scotland this afternoon for the Easter holiday to play with the new puppy and traipse around the Highlands, so I better make it a quick one this week – don’t want to miss my train!

Hope you have a fantastic Easter and gorge yourself on chocolate bunnies.


This week I have been mostly… talking to other law escapees and entrepreneurs, having cocktails in the sun at lunchtime and thinking about my life so much it’s making my brain hurt.

This week I have been mostly reading…

Why Career Happiness Matters and Money Doesn’t from

Why Career Happiness Matters and Money Doesn't /


This fantastic piece on the Attention Economy from the always worthwile Aeon magazine.  What does it really cost you to click?

Aeon Attention

Burger Porn.  For more see my post at Kitchen+Craft.

Burger Porn


Along with everyone else on the internet, I’ve been mulling over this fantastic post from Elle Luna on The Crossroads of Should and Must.

Should and Must

I wasted quite a bit of time (but managed to convinced myself it was productive) going through the Muse’s 99 Sites That Every Professional Should Know About and Use.

Muse 99 sites


I have also been watching these fantastic talks on good old TED, two from Brene Brown on shame and vulnerability and two from Stefan Sagmeister on design and creativity.





And finally, this amusing recasting of the Game of Thrones opening credits with social networks standing in for the powerful families of Westeros and beyond.


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