Friday Fess-up: 11th April


Whenever I write the Friday Fess-up I’m struck by how different each week as a free workerbee can be, but also how the same themes keep coming up.  This week has been challenging and I’ve been struggling to maintain my focus.  Without the structure of a normal job you can end up spending a lot of time contemplating – your life, the world, your career.  This comes with moments of euphoria — when you realise that you have it All Figured Out.  And then comes the crash, the deep waters of doubt, when you flounder and become unstuck.  I had the full cycle this week and now I feel like I’m treading water, tentatively inching towards next week, scrunching up my eyes and bracing myself for what’s coming next.

A big cause of my down-swing was an internal debate I’ve been having about whether I will ever be content with what I have achieved or whether I will always have the internal driver, pushing me forward to supposedly bigger and better things.  I read an article by James Clear on just this topic this week, in which he says: Yes, You Can Be Happy While Pushing Yourself to Success.  I can’t put my finger on it but somehow this doesn’t seem to be the full answer for me.  I’m not sure that doing a job you are passionate about really removes that internal push if you are the kind of person who is always looking to something else.

As I get ready for another ride on the roller-coaster, here’s my reflection on the week gone by.

Hope you’ve had a good one!


This week I have been mostly… making a brand new blog called Kitchen+Craft, cooking, chilling, trying (and failing) to figure out social media and how to promote Workerbee Free, pondering my life and treating myself to a few too many dinners…

Friday Fess-up 11th April

This week’s table reveals lots of making at the beginning of the week and lots of learning towards the end of the week, and lots of “hanging out” in between…

Friday Fess-up 11th April


I am most excited about the project I pulled together on Sunday and Monday.  I am loving writing on Workerbee Free but I’ve also felt like I am only really expressing one side of my personality, while another side is waiting in the sidelines, jumping up and down, waiting to be let onto the stage!  That’s why I made Kitchen+Craft, a lifestyle blog celebrating the intersection of food and design.  Check out a screenshot below:


I indulged my inner designer in choosing the blog template and colours, designing the logo and layout, and creating a template for Graphic Recipes for Design-Conscious Cooks.  You can see my first Graphic Recipe — Double Chocolate Banana Bread — here:

Kitchen+Craft Double Chocolate Banana Bread


I’m really proud of how the site looks and am excited to finally have an outlet for all my kitcheny and crafty urges.  I finally have something to do with my over two thousand pins on Pinterest….  Sign up to follow Kitchen+Craft if you want to keep up with what I’m posting there.

Mazi Mas

In fact it’s been a food-themed week for me because on Tuesday I went down to The Yard Theatre for dinner served up by the incredible ladies at Mazi Mas – a social enterprise I’ve been advising.  They help talented chefs without much formal experience transition to self-employment through a series of pop-up dinners and residencies.

Mazi Mas

This month they have been at The Yard and the food we had on Tuesday was incredible.  Unfortunately this is the last weekend for this residency but watch this space for more exciting home-cooked food to come!

This week I have mostly been reading…



4 thoughts on “Friday Fess-up: 11th April

  1. I love the design of the recipe. As a cook-phobe anything that can make cooking easier to understand & follow is very welcome. I would definitely buy a cookbook with that sort of formatting. Great job. (no pun intended!) xx

    • Haha! Thank you! I love that idea and will admit that it has been a dream of mine to do a cookbook! Might need to work on the photos but would love to put together the graphics. :)

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