Workerbeefree Friday Fess-up

Hello Hello!  It’s Friday!

Whenever people ask me whether I’m getting bored of not having a proper job I laugh in their face a little bit (or at least allow myself a little discreet snigger behind my hand) because the weeks have been positively flying by in a flurry of activity and I am constantly wondering where all the time is going.  I used to long for Friday, yearn for it, pine for it, and now it comes around way too soon, every bleepin week.

FF 15th March

For all those want-to-be-free-bees in the audience I’ve decided to put together these posts every week (in theory) and I’m calling them the “Friday Fess-up”.  This is where I’ll come clean about what I’ve been up to each week (and how little progress I have made on my novel…sigh) and you’ll get a little glimpse into the life of a free workerbee.  I want this blog to be a home for all those with dreams who are working up the courage to follow them, and all those recent escapees who are wondering what other former City-types are up to.  If you are in either category – please get in touch.  We’re stronger together!

So you can use this as inspiration, observation, or procrastination – whatever you feel like on a snoozy Friday afternoon.



This week I have been mostly… making workerbeefree even prettier than it was before (did you notice?  Please notice!); doing some more research for my novel (ok, ok!  I have done absolutely no writing!  Jeez.  I’ll get to it… Next week.  Probably); working on a TOP SECRET project which is very exciting and clandestine and sneaky — all will be revealed next week!

I’ve even put together this little grid showing you what I’ve been up to.  Ok so this was completely unnecessary – but it was a nice way to spend a Friday morning.


This week I’ve been reading…

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Workerbeefree Friday Fess-up

  1. This is great, I especially like the what you are reading section. I’m curious as to what blogs you read regularly that are similar in topic to yours.

  2. Hi K – that’s a great question! I have listed some great resources (either whole blogs or specific articles) that have really helped with my thinking so far and continue to spur me on to make the kinds of changes I am talking about. I will say as a caveat that I find that a lot of “career change” blogs are all about sound bites, quick fixes and cliches. “This 30-second trick will unlock your true potential” and other similarly asinine content. So I think it’s safe to say I have read A LOT more than I list below, but have edited this list on the basis of work that really come with my recommendation as being useful in some way. I don’t necessarily “follow” these blogs but I do check in on them from time to time.

    The Minimalists blog about living a meaningful life with less stuff but it’s not less stuff for the sake of it, it’s about freeing yourself so you can pursue the things you love to do:

    I keep coming across the work of Cal Newport and find myself really resonating with his perspective on achieving a meaningful life, achieving success and living deeply in a distracted world. Again, these might seem unrelated, but I think they form the core of how we can conquer modern life and find work that we love (but not necessarily by trying to find work that we love… see the second link):

    Smart talking, straight talking Penelope Trunk tells you the stuff you don’t want to hear about careers and shares a lot about her own journey:

    Leo Babuata blogs about productivity and leading a fulfilling life and meeting your goals on his uncluttered blog:

    OK so maybe I don’t agree with everything Tim Ferriss says, but he pretty much invented this whole analytical way of assessing your life and focussing on what works for you. Occasionally I end up reading something on his blog but I actually got a lot out of his book (4 Hour Work Week) even if some of it doesn’t really apply:

    Again, on the topic of books, I loved Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”. Here is the accompanying website:

    Another book turned blog! Gretchen Rubin’s “Happiness Project”:

    The guys over at Escape the City are intimately familiar with all of the topics I write about because they have helped hundreds of people like me go through the same transition. They often have really good posts and guest posts over at

    The Do Blog is all about actually turning your dreams into reality and they always have amazingly inspiring content:

    Same for the Happy Startup School:

    Interested to hear of any blogs you read that you would recommend!

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