Day 1: Workerbee. Free.

Day 1: Workerbee. Free.


Freedom to think, the sleep, to giggle, to stare out the window, to lie down, to go for a walk, to read, to shout, to sing, to tap, to roll around, to hum, to whistle, to skip, to write, to meditate and to just be, uninterrupted.

No minimizing my screen when I see someone coming. No pretending I’m reading when I’m really daydreaming. No suppressing a yawn when I’m meant to be concentrating. (I can’t help it! It’s physiological, or something.)

No taking minutes on conference calls. No conference calls at all! (Hurrah!)

No commute! No positioning myself by the doors of the incoming train to maximise the chances of getting a seat. No pushing and shoving. No face in sweaty armpit or leaning on sweaty back.

No blackberry. No red flashing light of doom.

No Kind Regards.

No trying to read my bosses’ minds. No bosses of any kind!

Just me, waking up and doing what I want, when I want.

So what shall I do today?


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